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Top 5 Causes of Emergency Plumbing in Mississauga

An emergency plumbing repair occurs when least expected and causes havoc to your home infrastructure. Lack of an immediate resolution from a residential plumber in Mississauga leads to more structural damage. However, with adequate knowledge of what may cause emergency plumbing, all the damage may be avoided by homeowners. The following are five causes of emergency plumbing and how to deal with them.

1. Toilet Overflows
By now, you have had the experience of toilet overflow. It becomes disgusting as the water keeps overflowing. Toilet overflow is commonly due to faulty toilet tanks. The valve may be broken or require tightening.
Once you notice a toilet overflow, you should immediately shut off the water supply to the toilet tank. Then, let a qualified plumbers Mississauga look at the tank and suggest a possible remedy. However, it would help if you avoid DIY since you may worsen the situation thinking you are solving the problem.

Remember, cutting off water supply to the toilet tank helps reduce water wastage hence controlling skyrocketing of your water bills. It also helps prevent damage caused to the house by water overflow, primarily through mold formation.

2. Clogged Drains
Clogs commonly occur in the sink and shower drains. The clogs in the shower drains are primarily due to blockage by pets and human hair. Therefore, you should avoid letting hair particles down the drain.

The sink drain, on the other hand, is clogged mainly by the disposal of food leftovers. The leftovers cause debris over time and block the pipes. In case your drains clog, immediately call a residential plumber Mississauga to unclog your drains.

3. Sewer Backups
Most sewer backups are due to the disposal of feminine products, especially sanitary towels, across the sewer line. The release of such materials across the sewer line eventually prevents the smooth flow of the sewer. You should contact a plumbing company to send you an emergency plumber Mississauga to unblock the sewer line.

4. Pipe Leaks
Pipe leaks may be due to the wearing of the pipe joints, high pressure, or accidental hits on the pipes. Uncontrolled water leak leads to an increase in water bills and also damage your home infrastructure, especially furniture. Any time you notice water leaks, let a qualified a best plumber Mississauga inspect and repair the system.

However, to prevent severe pipe leaks, always plan for pipe inspections regularly, at least twice a year. Also, avoid DIY as they might be the cause of pipe leaks.

5. Non-Functioning Water Heater
The worst experience is to get into a shower and realize that the water heater is faulty. It may be due to poor wiring or wearing out of the heating element. You should therefore contact a qualified plumber to do the inspection and advice you accordingly.

Since you can’t avoid plumbing emergencies all the time, you should always have contacts of a reputable plumbing company in your area. To reduce the frequency of plumbing emergencies, plan for regular inspections from the best plumber in Mississauga.

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